Transportation Security Officer Association
Transportation Security Officer Association 


We built the TSOA from the ground up to SUPPORT and PROTECT YOU.


The TSOA provides lawyers and specialists to represent you in all employment matters, powerful legislative affairs staff to speak for screeners on the hill, and an organization created to serve the interests of TSA screeners - and ONLY the interests of TSA screeners.

Our CBA has allowed local managers to punish and retaliate against Officers, locking us into systems of recourse where all decisions are handled in-house. The workgroup has NO VOICE to recommend meaningful changes and offer suggestions for improvements in security and efficiency.


We mean to change all of that, and it starts with your membership and a desire to fight for what is right for our workgroup and this country. We built the TSOA to provide lawyers (not a volunteer with very little training) to represent you during disciplinary, grievance, OWCP, EEOC, disability retirement and legislative matters. We offer the peace of mind that you deserve.

Legal Protection and Representation...

For years, TSOs have often had to hire a lawyer at great personal expense to protect thier interests. TSOs are saddled with a terrible CBA, and lack meaningful due process or recourse. The TSOA was created BY screeners, FOR screeners - stop accepting the routine Agency abuses and join today!  

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