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You can authorize your dues allotment through the NFC EPP page.


Go to the National Finance Center Employee Personal Page website at and click the ‘I AGREE’ button at bottom to accept the disclaimer. Log in at the left with your User ID and Password (If you do not have a Password or User ID, follow the links provided).

  • Mobile APP

Click the PAY button, then click the FINANCIAL ALLOTMENTS button, then click the SELF SERVICE button, select START and enter the TSOA account information

  • Full Website

On the left hand navigation bar below your name, select FINANCIAL ALLOTMENTS. After the screen loads, select SELF SERVICE on the upper right side of the screen. After this screen loads, a list of your current allotments will display. Select START and enter the TSOA account information.


Bi-weekly dues - $20 

Bank of America Routing Number: 063100277

TSOA Checking Account Number: 898080911619


After you have completed your allotment:


Forward your confirmation email to and include your full name, home address, personal email, cell phone and  home airport in the body of the message.


You will receive a welcome email after your allotment confirmation / application is reviewed and approved (be sure to check your junk filters).


Please be advised - We do not send confirmations to TSA or DHS accounts.


To resolve any payment issues, please use our contact form or send a message to

Legal Protection and Representation...

For years, TSOs have often had to hire a lawyer at great personal expense to protect thier interests. TSOs are saddled with a terrible CBA, and lack meaningful due process or recourse. The TSOA was created BY screeners, FOR screeners - stop accepting the routine Agency abuses and join today!  

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